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Mind Pathway provides specialised ADHD, Executive Functions and Life coaching. The coaching is a collaborative partnership enabling and empowering you to achieve your objectives, and goals by creating strategies, developing self awareness, new habits and personal growth.

The ADHD coaching focus’ on understanding the biological underpinnings of the unique brain wiring, strengths, interests, executive functions and learning to manage ADHD challenges. ADHD coaching includes family coaching.  Executive Function coaching focus’ on strengthening your executive functions.  Executive functions are responsible for executing tasks and are often referred to as the management system of the brain.   Life Coaching reflects on life direction, whether it be personal or career or both.


ADHD Coaching

Through working collaboratively with you, we address your ADHD symptoms, how it affects you and your personal objectives.

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Executive Function Coaching

Executive function is a set of skills that reside in just behind our foreheads in the prefrontal cortex.

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Life Coach

The life coaching empowers and enables the client to create and identify goals, encourage personal growth, self-improvement, find solutions and support future thinking.

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About Mind Pathways

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Pippa’s journey from business into the world as an ADHD, Executive Function and Life coach began when 2 of my 3 children were diagnosed with ADHD. Her interest in neurodiversity led to studying the Level 3 NOCN SpLD course, some of which involved working in a primary school supporting children with ADHD and dyslexia. Wanting to understand more about the brain, in 2013 Pippa enrolled for a psychology degree, focusing my research on working memory and autism.  Following, Pippa was part of a team in setting up a children and Young People’s service specialising in ADHD for Re:Cognition Health in 2016, one of the leading cognitive health providers in the UK.

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