Mind Pathway provides specialised coaching for ADHD, Executive Functions and Life. The coaching is collaborative, its focus is to enable and empower you to achieve your objectives, goals, ability to accomplish tasks though understanding yourself, by creating strategies, habits and new neural  pathways.

ADHD coaching is specific to ADHD, to understanding your unique brain wiring, the benefits of ADHD and managing your ADHD your strengths and your interests. With ADHD coaching there is the option of family coaching.  Executive Function coaching focus’ on strengthening your executive functions, sometime referred to the management system.  Life Coaching reflects on yourself, and life direction, whether it be personal or career or both.

Coaching can benefit all individuals from young to old, whether a student, working, entrepreneur, in between jobs, looking for change, parenthood, family dynamics, pretty much everyone.

ADHD Consultancy for parents, education and companies


ADHD Coaching

Through working collaboratively with you, we address your ADHD symptoms, how it affects you and your personal objectives.

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Executive Function Coaching

Executive function is a set of skills that reside in just behind our foreheads in the prefrontal cortex.

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Life Coach

The life coaching empowers and enables the client to create and identify goals, encourage personal growth, self-improvement, find solutions and support future thinking.

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What our clients say

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