How we started

Pippa’s journey from business into the world as an ADHD, Executive Function and Life coach began when 2 of my 3 children were diagnosed with ADHD. Her interest in neurodiversity led to studying the Level 3 NOCN SpLD course, some of which involved working in a primary school supporting children with ADHD and dyslexia.

Wanting to understand more about the brain, in 2013 Pippa enrolled for a psychology degree, focusing my research on working memory and autism.  Following, Pippa was part of a team in setting up a children and Young People’s service specialising in ADHD for Re:Cognition Health in 2016, one of the leading cognitive health providers in the UK. In 2018 Pippa moved to Connections in Mind Foundation (CIMF) as a school liaison manager and head of projects focusing on executive functions and neurodiversity.  Here, Pippa received certification in executive function coaching.

Wanting to work with parents as well she qualified as a coach for Parent Gym.  This involved coaching groups of parents with neurodiverse children from diverse social economic environments.  Pippa’s interest and passion set her on the path of becoming and ADHD and life coach.  Choosing ADDCA, the global leader in ADHD coaching to attain my accreditation.   In addition, she undertook a 4-week course at Kings College, London on ‘Understanding ADHD’.   More recently she certified in being able to profile personalities with DISC. Witnessing the impact, positivity and benefits of coaching resulted in setting up her coaching company, ‘The Mind Pathway’.  Since, Pippa has coached many students, professionals, and families as well as consulting on ADHD awareness in education, with families and professionals.

Pippa’s coaching is collaborative in which a safe platform is provided enabling and empowering the client  to develop self-awareness, personal growth and  strategies to attain objectives and goals  Science shows all brains are neuroplastic, which means throughout a lifespan, everyone has the ability to evolve, adapt and to change their paths. Things which were once deemed impossible can become possible.  This is something Pippa is very passionate about.

Qualifications and certifications 
  • DISC Certified
  • AACC Certified with ADDCA  (ADDCA - accredited by the ICF and PAAC)
  • Certified Education in Coaching for Families (ADDCA - accredited by the ICF and PAAC)
  • Certificate of Core Executive Function Coaching Skills
  • Parent Gym,  Certified Coach
  • Psychology Degree BSc (Hons)
  • NOCN level 3 SpLD
  • Politics and Economics BA (Hons)

What our clients say

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