What is Coaching?

Mind Pathway is based on a collaborative partnership, providing a safe platform to enable and empower you to achieve your objectives, goals, personal growth and self-awareness.

By creating strategies to make conscious choices, developing habits, actioning plans, finding solutions, acknowledging intentions, decisions, and accountability, the coaching allows you find what you really want and paves the path to an enhanced quality of life whether it is  personal, academic or business.

In coaching as part of self-discovery you get to understand your executive functions, what your strengths and challenges are, your motivators, interests, passions, processing modalities, barriers to progress and ways to overcome them, triggers and what makes you tick, self discovery are just some examples. Coaching can transform what was thought to be impossible into possibilities.

Fortunately all human brains are neuroplastic, meaning, our ability to pick up new habits, new perceptions, new narratives and create new neural pathways are constant and lifelong.

Who benefits from coaching?

Coaching benefits ALL individuals.

Coaching is for the young to old, whether a student at school or university, employee or employer, entrepreneur, in between jobs, looking for change, looking to return to work, work life balance, juggling parenting and or working, or just feeling stuck or overwhelmed.  Whatever the reason it enables personal growth, increases confidence and self awareness.

The Mind Pathway Coaching

  • ADHD (attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) coaching focuses on understanding the biological underpinning of your unique brain wiring, the brilliance of your ADHD and how to manage your ADHD.  ADHD coaching incorporates executive functions, emotional and self-regulation.
  • ADHD Family coaching focus' on the working with the family to create ADHD awareness, coaching the parents, young person and sometimes siblings.
  • Executive Function coaching focuses on strategies to strengthen executive functions, whilst acknowledging the strengths. Executive Functions are sometimes referred to as the management system of our brains, they are the reasons we can execute tasks and are fundamental to our success in our everyday living, academia and working life.  With ADHD executive functions executive functions are often challenged.
  • Life Coaching encourages self-discovery, finding solutions, creating strategies, acknowledging intentions, choices, action and accountability.
  • ADHD consultancy and awareness for families, schools and business’

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The Mind Pathway services include:

  • One to one Coaching
  • Family ADHD consultancy & awareness
  • Education ADHD consultancy & awareness
  • Business ADHD consultancy & awareness
  • Small group ADHD awareness and Coaching
  • Executive Function Awareness
  • Family, Education and Business Executive Function consultancy & awareness


ADHD Coaching

Through working collaboratively with you, we address your ADHD symptoms, how it affects you and your personal objectives.

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Executive Function Coaching

Executive function is a set of skills that reside in just behind our foreheads in the prefrontal cortex.

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Life Coach

The life coaching empowers and enables the client to create and identify goals, encourage personal growth, self-improvement, find solutions and support future thinking.

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